Kraft Paper

A low-cost, highly versatile and all-purpose packaging material.

  • Versatility – Kraft paper can be used as a product/gift wrap or used as a void fill to plug the gaps within your package.
  • Protection – High tensile strength and tear resistance protects your products from scratches and rubbing during transit.
  • Sustainable – Our Kraft paper is made from at least 90% recycled paper pulp.

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Eco-friendly & recyclable

Our kraft paper is made from FSC certified paper pulp, with at least 90% recycled content.


Protect & wrap

Strong and durable, our kraft paper provides the optimal security and void fill for your package.

Versatility in a sheet

Kraft paper is extremely versatile: use it as void fill or as a wrap for protecting your products. We stay sustainable by using 90% recycled FSC certified paper pulp. Starts in a pack of 10 sheets and ships within 1-3 days.



FSC Certified Recycled Paper Pulp


Natural Kraft



Sheet Size

70cm x 50cm

Recycled content

Minimum 90% content


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